Introducing: Your 2014-2015 LiNK Executive Board! 

Grace Huh, President
Management & Society major, Senior

Working with LiNK I’ve come to deeply appreciate many things that the North Korean people do not have access to. Simple things such as shelter, food, and being with your family are taken away from the North Koreans. It is my passion to this humanitarian crisis in the most tangible way that we can and this is why I love working with LiNK. We produce tangible results, the money we raise guarantees the rescue of a refugee and I am so grateful that we have that opportunity. I hope you will join us in our journey of changing lives and providing hope to the North Korean people. Please free to contact me (ehuh@live.unc.edu) and any of the other officers if you have any questions!

Isabella Kim, Vice President
, Junior

Growing up I knew about the situation in North Korea, but I never knew of a way that I could help. After hearing about LiNK, I was eager to get more involved and appreciate LiNK’s focus on the people of North Korea instead of the politics. Raising money to help North Korean refugees allows so many people to come together to make a difference. I am looking forward to the growth of LiNK and seeing how the collaboration of the UNC community can help to save a North Korean refugee! Feel free to contact me at kimih@live.unc.edu with any questions or if you would like to learn more about LiNK~

June Yang, Secretary
Biology and Exercise & Sports Science major, Sophomore

When my parents started traveling into North Korea for business related matters, I thought I had somewhat of an understanding of the situation in North Korea. However, when I finally got the opportunity to visit North Korea with my parents, I was not prepared for the next three days that I stayed there. The living conditions and the circumstances that the North Koreans lived in were and still are incomparable to the life we have here. Ever since my visit, I have had a heart to help the North Koreans. At this point of my life, I want to help them through LiNK and I hope you will also. If you have any questions, you can contact me at jgyang@live.unc.edu.


Raven Breitenfeld, Treasurer
Biology major, Senior

I knew about North Korea, but during my first year of college, I realized I did not “know” about North Korea. You hear a lot about international conflicts and other political issues involving North Korea, but you do not often hear the stories of citizens turned defectors trying to escape. You do not often hear about the lives of people in a dictatorship; moving far from home to find work in another country to support their wives, children and parents. A previous leader in UNC’s LiNK chapter first brought me to the cause by volunteering. Even though I had no clue what I was volunteering for at the time, I grew to learn about another country and another group of individuals who have suffered greatly and need out help. But I also learned about LiNK. I am passionate about LiNK because what we do really reaches out and helps others. We make a tangible impact on others’ lives, and allows many different people to come together to make a big difference. I hope that this year you will join us to help save more refugees! Please feel free to contact me at rbreiten@live.uc.edu if you have any questions, would like to learn more about LiNK or donate!

Jinah Han, Fundraising & Awareness Chair
Chemistry major, Junior

Being ethnically South Korean, I was always relatively aware of the severe situation the North Korean people face on a daily basis. When the UNC chapter of LiNK first introduced to me though, as a freshmen in college, in a very real way, some of the specific details of oppression and devastation existing and even progressively worsening in North Korea, I was shocked yet again. A presenter from the LiNK headquarters put it this way: North Korea is one of the most oppressed countries in the world today. And what are we doing about it? What was I doing about it? This is why I’m passionate about LiNK: because I believe we can help the North Korean people pursue not only a better life, but simply one with the most basic human rights also. Feel free to message me with any questions at jinahh@live.unc.edu!

Heeyeong Song, Social Media & Publicity Chair
Elementary Education major, Sophomore

I grew up as a Korean in a part of China that was only hours away from the border of North Korea. Because of its closeness, there were many refugees that were hoping to build a new life in China. Being able to witness, meet, and hear the stories of these North Korean refugees from young has definitely made a huge impact in my life. It pushed me to find out what is really going on inside North Korea, as well as do all I can to share this awareness and help out in any way possible. There is so much going on in North Korea that we are unaware of and the focus of the news is always on the politics. I really appreciate how LiNK strives to push everyone to truly understand the people and what they are going through. I hope that you guys can all come out to learn more about the North Korean people and help us reach our goal to rescue one refugee. If you have any questions feel free to email me at hysong@live.unc.edu!

Janhavi Janhavi Wagle, Photographer/Graphic Designer
pre-Business and pre-Public Health major Chinese minor, Sophomore

  1. love you guys!

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