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April: It’s here!

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1. #Sweetliberty came in 2nd place for the Sugarland Social Media Challenge, but we did win $200 for Jaehee’s “Most Joyful Sugarland Picture”! Again, we thank all of our cupcake eaters, coffee sippers, and Facebook “likers”!

2. Dooman River/Tumangang Screening: This is an amazing opportunity to watch a film between a North Korean defector and an ethnic Korean! The director of the screening will be there as well for Q&A! This event is at the UNC: Nelson Mandela Auditorium in the FedEx Global Education Center at 7PM!


3.  Danny ScreeningEvery year, thousands of North Koreans make the dangerous journey across the border to escape oppression and poverty.

In March of 2005, Danny was one of them. Danny crossed into China and escaped a life of indoctrination, routine public executions, and starvation. As Danny traveled, he saw a world he never knew existed. A world where movement was not monitored by the government, information was readily available, and most importantly at the time, there was enough food to fill his empty belly. Join us on Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 7PM at Union 3411 to watch this short but powerful (and touching :’)) 30 minute film! We hope to see everyone there! Bring tissues!

LiNK Exec Bonding-22

4. Exec Board Applications: It’s the end!!! But it’s also a new start! If you have a heart for North Korean and/or want to get more involved in UNC LiNK, now is the time to apply. Whether you are a freshmen or a senior, an old face or a new face, we are accepting applications from EVERYONE who is interested in LiNK! It’s an easy process: Apply and interview. Our current exec’s biography can be found in the “Officers” tab. Check us out! If you have any questions about anything, please email alisonl@live.unc.edu or jaeheey@live.unc.edu. We look forward to hearing from you!


March: Busy busy month for LiNK!

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1. LiNK Pals (led by Sally Han): We have around 30 LiNK pals writing to North Korean students currently living and studying in South Korea. Please check out our Flickr for more pictures and to see how much fun we had: http://www.flickr.com/photos/unclink/sets/72157633057153875/

2. 15th Annual Baby Blue Basketball Tournament: ASA’s basketball tourney is not a charity effort partnered with LiNK! Thank you to all who played or volunteered at the event!


3. Fast for Hunger… and Eat Cupcakes (#sweetliberty)! Yes yes… fight for those cupcakes! We thank everyone at UNC, across the country, and around the world for posting words of support, going to Sugarland and buying sweets, and “liking” gazillion pictures for LiNK. We also thank Sugarland for this opportunity. There will be an update as soon as the winner is announced!


4. Sweet Frog Benefit Day: thanks to all who came out to support despite the terrible cold weather! Remember that Sweet Frog has coffee from local growers!