“TagPhoto” #1

In Uncategorized on October 4, 2012 at 9:26 pm

******Read UPDATE below*******

Hello Everyone!

The LiNK Execs have come up with a new social media game! I call it “TagPhoto!” It’s a new way for LiNK members to win FREE stuff! If you come up with a better name, let me know 🙂

How do I get free stuff? Just stay tuned for the latest picture that will be uploaded on the UNC LiNK facebook page!

The RULES/how-this-is-going-down: The purpose of this game is to take a picture of yourself in a uncommon area around campus! In the picture must be one of your very own LiNK item (t-shirt, button, sticker, poster, etc.) Take the picture with the item, your face, and the area/scene of your choice! Somewhere interesting, weird, unknown, and so forth—it must be challenging! The very first person to comment on the post with the correct answer will be the winner! NEXT: the winner must do the same. It’s almost like “tag.” It will be a fun way to explore yourself around UNC campus and show us how YOU show LiNK pride on campus!

Prizes: As supplies last. Prizes will be Helie Lee books, DVD’s, or t-shirts!!!

I have the honor of being the first to begin “TagPhoto!” (Exclamation point must be included in the name haha)

“Where am I?”

UPDATE: The winner is…….

me. I’m too good. hahahaha. But seriously, no body knows where this is? really?

ANSWER: Genome Science Building room #G001

Stayed tuned for the next picture! (I guess it will be easier…*sigh*)


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